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Class action against Morgan, HSBC specifies silver manipulation mechanism2010-12-28 06:311
Class-action anti-trust suit against London gold fixers draws on GATA consultant's work2014-03-29 08:451
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Clive Maund still can't admit that central banks diddle the gold market2018-02-19 18:191
Clive Maund: Gold is probably manipulated but I don't care2007-02-06 22:201
CME Group to close CME Europe and CME Clearing Europe2017-04-12 14:131
CNBC can't understand gold's sudden drop today2017-11-10 17:471
Conspiracy fact: Euopean central banks again admit, renew secret scheming on gold2014-05-19 12:041
Countries went on a gold-buying spree before coronavirus took hold -- here's why2020-05-21 16:071
CPM Group's Jeff Christian vouches for Chinese government's integrity2019-01-29 03:291