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Central banks 'managing' -- that is, rigging -- gold 'more actively,' LBMA is told2014-11-13 16:251
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Central banks count the cost of holding lots of declining dollars2005-01-11 08:001
Central banks long have been rigging gold market, Paul declares2008-01-09 21:501
Central banks remain the crucial factors in the currency markets2004-11-29 08:001
Central banks shifting out of dollars, poll finds2005-01-24 08:001
Central banks trying to wrap up leasing?1999-09-21 07:001
CFTC faces naysayers on metals trade limits2010-03-25 20:401
CFTC probes market manipulation -- but of bitcoin, not gold2018-06-10 15:141
CFTC whistleblower injured in London hit-and-run2010-03-27 22:391
Change of time, to 10.30 am, for Bill Murphy radio interview1999-04-07 07:001
Chicago Tribune notes growing disbelief in U.S. government''s inflation figures2004-03-29 08:001
China announces fifth straight month of growth in gold reserves2019-05-08 13:571
China boosts gold reserves 1% in August, diversifying assets2015-09-30 15:121