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Chile rescues last of the trapped miners2010-10-14 01:124
Central banks 'managing' -- that is, rigging -- gold 'more actively,' LBMA is told2014-11-13 16:254
Bundesbank confirms Germany's gold is in play2009-08-24 15:114
Brodsky and Quaintance: Central banks aim to redistribute gold and push it way up2012-05-15 22:294
BRICs and South Africa move to unseat dollar as trade currency2012-03-25 15:304
Brazil's central bank president says no country can hold dollar up2010-09-20 23:564
Bill Murphy: Rocketing bitcoin highlights gold and silver suppression2017-12-07 14:134
Big nations snub Beijing bank launch after US lobbying2014-10-23 02:034
Bank of Russia says it's buying only domestic gold2011-01-25 00:464
Bank of England stalls return of Venezuela's gold2018-11-09 01:374
Bank of England playing 'confidence trick' on inflation, MPC veteran says2011-02-06 16:194
Bank of England falsified gold data to rig interest rates from 1925-312010-02-14 07:004