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Fed rates at 0% expected within months amid global bond frenzy2020-03-09 20:163
Fed shorting gold to support dollar, former Assistant Treasury Secretary Roberts says2013-04-01 00:423
Fed will monetize stocks for its primary dealer banks2020-03-18 00:313
Feds probing JPMorgan trades in silver pit2010-05-09 14:473
Financial Times notes Butler's and GATA's clamor to CFTC2010-02-24 21:083
For the moment, China wants gold held down as much as Western central banks do2015-06-17 15:213
French central bank's chief market rigger says they never explain2015-01-13 18:153
FT story on gold price rigging was erased deliberately2014-02-26 19:463
Futures exchange operator renews discounts for secret trading by governments and central banks2019-03-07 16:373
Gary North: Fed's secrecy aims mainly to hide gold's disposition2010-02-21 17:253
GATA appeals to CFTC to act against manipulative shorts2010-03-08 20:563
GATA issues press release on Sprott report on stock market intervention2005-09-06 07:003
GATA presses Fed to give up its golden secrets2009-08-22 04:023
GATA shouts its way into Chapman's technical commentary2008-12-18 00:173
GATA to be interviewed Monday, Jan. 26, at Mining Interactive2009-01-24 22:563
GATA Urges Congressional Support for Monetary Reform and Accountability Act on Gold2002-07-08 07:003
GATA's Ed Steer interviewed at Canadian Investor Conference2015-06-17 14:363