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War or peace, gold wins as government's lies are exposed, Kaye says2013-09-04 15:403
BIS annual report is a reminder of who really makes the gold market2013-06-24 18:583
CNBC prods World Gold Council, CPM Group's Christian about GATA2013-03-14 13:493
What then must we do?2013-02-21 21:263
Lee Quaintance and Paul Brodsky: For gold market rigging, look east too2012-12-12 21:373
Secret IMF report: Hide gold loans and swaps for market manipulation2012-12-11 04:533
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Getting tough on gold imports won't work, two former Indian central bankers say2012-12-02 01:093
Auditors report on negligent custody of German gold posted at GATA's Internet site2012-10-23 15:483
Embry elaborates on counterintuitive moves in gold 'market'2012-05-30 17:593