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Switzerland keeps bailing out its banks short gold2007-06-14 14:013
An also-ran in Republican polls, Ron Paul is huge on the Internet2007-06-18 08:083
Newmont spends $578 million to close gold hedges early2007-07-05 21:223
Antal Fekete challenges Barrick and solves the interest-rate 'conundrum'2007-08-16 01:553
Freedom fighter, film director, and GATA supporter Aaron Russo dies2007-08-26 01:063
Glass-Steagal might have kept the subprime mess more manageable2007-09-08 23:413
Venezuela's oil accounts to dump the dollar2007-09-17 19:143
Peter Grandich interviewed by BNN on markets and metals2007-10-23 05:543
Prieur du Plessis: Gold glitters brightly at start of 20082008-01-02 15:453
Anna Schwartz blames Fed for sub-prime crisis2008-01-13 21:133
Telegraph's Jeff Randall: When governments print money, buy gold2008-01-18 03:253
Russia aggressively using energy deals in foreign policy2008-07-11 14:473
Ted Butler: A modest proposal -- ban ALL short selling2008-07-21 18:473
Ron Paul discloses housing bailout bill's money and power grab2008-07-24 06:213
Don't despair -- the New Orleans conference is on the way2008-07-31 15:233
Naked shorting's early critic starts to see some vindication2008-08-04 03:563