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Gold advocate Pollitt 'cared more about being right than being rich'2012-02-11 09:022
'Jawboning' and 'intervention' aim to hold gold at $1,650, Sinclair says2012-04-13 12:462
Another attack tries to knock King World News off the Internet2012-04-14 00:052
BIS trader removes gold 'interventions' from his biography2012-04-16 15:062
Ted Butler: U.S. government is part of the war on silver2012-07-23 15:312
To recover just a small part of Germany's gold, Bundesbank will need 7 years2013-01-16 13:562
Sweden's central bank keeps most of its gold abroad without audit2013-01-21 22:322
China already may have second largest gold reserves, Leeb says2013-01-23 19:002