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An open letter to the CFTC: Is a foreign power controlling Comex gold prices?2018-07-29 02:218
GATA asks CFTC if market rigging by U.S. govt. is legal2018-09-21 16:508
With inflation, central banks guarantee rising gold price, von Greyerz tells 'Keiser Report'2018-12-06 04:388
Investigation of Gold Price Manipulation Launched by GATA; Berger & Montague Retained as Counsel1999-04-20 07:007
Gold Derivative Banking Crisis Report2000-05-01 07:007
Summers' 'Gibson's Paradox' essay posted at www.GATA.org2002-02-22 08:007
Al-Hayat, London - "A Gold Cartel Aims at Destroying the Economies of Developing Countries."2003-02-19 08:007
Russia's Central Bank Takes Note of GATA and Gold Price Manipulation2004-06-04 07:007
Summers, Trichet warn Davos party-goers they underestimate risk2007-01-22 20:157