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Manipulators 'seriously overplaying their hand,' Embry tells King World News2012-04-06 19:010
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Many Americans suspect gas price decline is political market rigging2006-09-27 04:220
Many GATA favorites to speak at Vancouver conference in January2006-12-21 22:380
Many know of manipulation but refuse to acknowledge it, Embry says2013-09-16 20:050
Many ways to own gold, or at least to think you do!2002-05-07 07:000
Many welcome departure of Canada's pesky penny2013-02-05 15:540
Marc Faber turns deflationist: Brace for a bust as bubbles look set to burst2004-03-30 08:000
Marc Faber: Bernanke is killing the middle class2011-04-06 20:280
Marc Faber: Excess liquidity can slosh into commodities and push them up fast2004-10-19 07:000