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FT's Martin Wolf: Who cares about the prices of useless metals and market rigging?2019-07-21 18:021
Futures exchange operator renews discounts for secret trading by governments and central banks2019-03-07 16:221
Futures markets spoofers getting caught in record numbers2018-11-03 16:151
G7 nations pledge to coordinate their currency market rigging2013-02-12 13:321
Gary North's 'Gold Wars' concurs with GATA's work2010-03-01 22:041
GATA board member Steer's Gold & Silver Digest letter posted at GoldSeek2019-12-10 02:501
GATA cited in Wall Street on Parade's latest report of Fed's unaccountability2019-11-15 01:301
GATA presents its evidence to Congress this week2000-05-08 07:001
GATA presses Fed to give up its golden secrets2009-08-22 04:021
GATA prompts British regulators to inquire1999-07-10 07:001
GATA secretary to speak in Auckland, New Zealand, on October 132013-09-23 02:401
GATA secretary to speak in London and Munich in December2014-11-08 14:301
GATA sues Fed to disclose gold market intervention records2009-12-30 18:331
Gene Arensberg: Banks' huge shorting of gold, silver looks like manipulation2008-08-31 13:421
Gene Arensberg: Market tremors continue as funds flow back into gold2013-02-26 04:561
Gene Arensberg: So much for position limits on Comex gold2013-05-15 22:161
German business magazine publishes major article on gold market manipulation2017-06-21 20:291
Germany may sell gold to pay Bundesbank president''s hotel bill2004-04-06 07:001
Germany remains unlikely to sell gold reserves2008-03-12 19:301
Germany's gold vaulted abroad has been lost before, Turk notes2012-10-30 17:211