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Central banks are manipulating 'all' markets, Bill Gross tells CNBC2015-07-29 19:051
Central banks continue to buy gold2011-09-29 03:311
Central banks declare they''ll do anything to stop free market but nobody gets it2003-10-07 07:001
Central banks give biggest liquidity boost ever2007-12-22 04:471
Central banks, not bullion banks, long have been GATA's primary target2016-10-18 23:341
CFTC majority is said to favor position limits rule2011-10-12 13:151
CFTC responds to complaints of manipulation in the silver market2004-05-15 07:001
CFTC to challenge court ruling on position limits 2012-11-17 15:241
CFTC toughens commodity limits but relents on some rules2010-12-16 16:501
CFTC's delay on position limits aggravates Chilton2010-12-05 14:551
Chancellor under fire for gold sale as price nears $6002006-03-20 08:001
Cheviot conference in London on Jan. 27 has big GATA component2011-01-03 03:451