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Gold at 16-year high, up $4 for week2004-11-12 08:000
Exchange-traded bullion fund expected to trade on NYSE next week2004-11-12 08:000
Japanese paper says U.S. assents to weaker dollar; 20-30% devaluation speculated2004-11-12 08:000
Resource Investor: Miners have bought as much gold sold by central banks2004-11-12 08:000
Doug Casey: U.S. government won''t avert dollar''s collapse2004-11-12 08:000
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Gold traders are in for a bumpy ride2004-11-09 08:000
Thayer Watkins: ''Episodes of Hyperinflation''2004-11-08 08:000
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John Hathaway: Beardsley Ruml''s Road to Ruin, Part 12004-11-07 08:000
Hathaway''s analysis is also posted at GoldSeek.com2004-11-07 08:000
Bloomberg''s weekly gold price forecast survey gets it right half the time2004-11-07 08:000