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British Treasury urges IMF to sell gold for debt relief, asset diversification2005-04-04 07:000
Sprott''s John Embry wins ''The Great Gold Debate'' on ROB-TV2005-04-04 07:000
Michael Kosares: ECB''s gold sales undermine euro''s credibility2005-04-03 08:000
GATA Chairman Murphy will speak at Calgary Resource Investment Conference2005-04-03 08:000
Contrary Investor: Credit derivatives are now the crucial U.S. industry2005-04-02 08:000
Julian Phillips: Europe is managing gold price but not pushing it down2005-04-02 08:000
John Embry: Gold and the greenback2005-04-02 08:000
Ben ''Helicopter Money'' Bernanke will be chairman of Council of Economic Advisers2005-04-01 08:000
John Embry: More on gold manipulation2005-04-01 08:000
IMF study says market could handle limited and phased gold sales2005-04-01 08:000
Bob Chapman: Stay away from the exchange-traded gold fund2005-04-01 08:000
No settlement in Blanchard suit against Barrick and Morgan Chase2005-03-31 08:000
Audio interview with James Turk, author of ''The Coming Collapse of the Dollar''2005-03-30 08:000
Hank Fellerman: An open letter to Newmont Mining2005-03-30 08:000
''We know money,'' AIG boasts, but -- ooops -- they just misplaced $1.7 billion2005-03-30 08:000
Last sentence has only news in this Financial Times story about IMF gold sales2005-03-30 08:000
South African gold companies pushed into survival mode2005-03-29 08:000
Peter Schiff: The world could get along just fine without freeloading Americans2005-03-29 08:000
Oh, how the bankers want to get their hands on India''s ''idle'' gold2005-03-28 08:000
Gold''s partisans doubt that Fed can raise interest rates aggressively2005-03-27 08:000