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Peter Grandich comes over to our side as the manipulation gets too obvious2005-07-07 07:000
Reuters notes GATA statement on gold price capping by European central banks2005-07-07 07:000
European central bank gold sales repeatedly cap price around $4402005-07-07 07:000
Sprott''s John Embry discusses gold price manipulation on ROB-TV2005-07-06 07:000
China''s bid for Unocal is acknowledged as a move out of U.S. bonds2005-07-05 07:000
Trial of Blanchard suit vs. Barrick postponed amid ''serious'' settlement talks2005-07-04 07:000
More decline of dollar ''almost inevitable,'' BIS says2005-06-27 07:000
Gold is cheaper than ever relative to oil, Resource Investor reports2005-06-27 07:000
Peter Brimelow: Is GLD as good as gold? GATA guys say no2005-06-27 07:000
Peter Schiff: America''s relationship with China is ''theater of the absurd''2005-06-27 07:000
Turk was misquoted on Buffett but sees more breakouts for gold2005-06-26 07:000