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Swiss central bank chairman quits over wife's currency trade2012-01-09 16:230
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Swiss central bank defends currency intervention as 'essential'2020-07-14 15:030
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Swiss central bank seeks new tools in zero-interest world2008-12-02 17:240
Swiss central bank sight deposits hit record, suggesting FX interventions2019-08-05 16:410
Swiss central banker dumped francs on eve of devaluation2012-01-04 21:530
Swiss competition agency hops on gold price-rigging probe pig pile2015-02-24 19:420
Swiss financial magazine Cash covers GATA lawsuit2001-02-03 08:000
Swiss financial newspaper notes gold market manipulation issue2014-03-12 20:070
Swiss franc 'safe haven' trade is mistake, von Greyerz tells King World News2012-04-06 21:580
Swiss franc fallout claims more casualties2015-01-19 20:380
Swiss franc jumps as economy minister dismisses intervention2011-09-01 01:410
Swiss franc trade is said to wipe out Everest's main hedge fund2015-01-18 00:140
Swiss franc's devaluation, impending disaster make gold look good, Faber says2011-09-07 03:410
Swiss gold exports down 7% on year to 160 metric tonnes in August, four-month low2016-09-20 17:370