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China seeks advice from Wall Street bankers and Barrick Chairman Thornton2018-09-11 03:330
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China says it won''t change dollar''s share in its foreign exchange reserves2005-03-06 08:000
China says it will stop accumulating FX reserves2007-03-20 15:350
China says it will continue stable monetary policy2006-12-25 14:500
China says it will act this year on currency convertibility2005-02-26 08:000
China said to need guarantees for Treasuries2009-02-11 06:270
China said to consider gradual rise in gold reserves2010-11-17 15:590
China reports first gold reserve increase in more than two years2019-01-07 15:070
China reports another increase in gold reserves2015-08-14 11:540
China reported to consider buying IMF gold2009-09-21 12:320
China reported planning big shift of FX reserves into gold 2008-11-14 06:320
China reported likely to keep buying U.S. debt2011-09-20 03:420