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China tightens gold import quotas to curb dollar outflow2016-12-01 13:350
China threatens 'nuclear option' of dollar sales2007-08-07 18:380
China tests yuan gold fix amid pricing ambitions, sources tell Reuters2015-05-06 15:310
China takes note of GATA's presentations to CFTC2010-04-12 03:140
China takes 10% stake in Morgan Stanley to cover junk mortgages2007-12-19 19:220
China stops its banks from lending to U.S. banks2008-09-25 04:150
China stockpiles gold while letting U.S. bond holdings slide2019-06-19 03:280
China stocked up on Swiss gold as turbulent year came to a close2017-02-05 15:430
China still top holder of Treasury debt2010-02-26 21:550
China state banks seen supporting yuan in forwards market, sources tell Reuters2019-08-07 03:150
China starts gold fixing in bid to expand global market sway2016-04-19 10:490
China spends $800 million to buy Zambia2007-02-04 16:570
China sovereign wealth fund exec bets dollar goes lower2008-12-08 16:120
China signals it could ease Treasury purchases to counter Trump2018-03-24 02:490
China signals aim to loosen yuan's peg to dollar and use currency basket instead2015-12-11 16:580
China sets up gold fund as part of 'Silk Road' initiative, official media say2015-05-25 13:480
China sees gold-buying surge to hedge against declining dollar2004-12-14 08:000
China seen trying to manipulate copper prices down2006-11-29 18:090
China seen switching out of copper and into gold and platinum2007-12-21 21:200
China seen likely to keep investing in private equity2007-08-19 15:490