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Bank of Italy says switch to pounds doesn't anticipate dollar crash2006-08-04 05:160
Bank of Ireland to charge for placing cash on deposit2016-08-19 23:270
Bank of France will sell 500-600 tonnes of gold over five years2004-11-19 08:000
Bank of France still sees gold as inflation hedge2000-10-27 07:000
Bank of France governor declines opportunity to disparage dollar2005-04-10 07:000
Bank of France calls gold sales necessary to FX diversification2005-11-15 08:000
Bank of England's governor predicts sharp decline in inflation2007-04-25 00:370
Bank of England's gold not good enough for delivery2007-09-20 02:300
Bank of England's former deputy governor misleads about gold and credit creation2014-12-08 22:020
Bank of England''s chief economist says dollar could fall another 15 percent2004-11-25 08:000
Bank of England way ahead of Fed and ECB in raising interest rates2004-06-10 07:000
Bank of England warns UK's elected officials that it runs the country2016-10-14 21:230
Bank of England to launch inquiry over forex fixing claims2014-03-09 05:590
Bank of England to get money-printing secrecy2009-01-11 20:050
Bank of England tells savers: Screw you; we're debasing the currency2010-09-28 00:450
Bank of England suspends employee as notes show currency rig concerns from 20062014-03-05 13:460
Bank of England suppresses speech on financial system's (in)stability2007-08-18 01:000
Bank of England staff said to have condoned FX market rigging2014-02-07 19:350
Bank of England shows off its gold vault again, but to whom does the metal really belong?2016-12-08 15:580
Bank of England seen preparing to print money2009-01-08 23:490