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Russia letting dollar fall against ruble2004-11-24 08:000
Russia may join euro eventually, put it ahead of dollar, Putin says2010-11-26 23:440
Russia may swap Treasuries for IMF debt2009-06-10 17:250
Russia may switch oil pricing to euros, German source says2003-10-08 07:000
Russia nudges Indian policymakers to move away from the dollar2018-12-03 15:180
Russia nudging Belarus, Kazakhstan away from dollar2010-03-05 17:180
Russia overtakes China in gold reserves race to end U.S. dollar dominance2018-02-26 14:060
Russia planned bear raid on Wall Street, former treasury secretary tells BBC2014-03-18 14:040
Russia pushes again for new reserve currencies2010-06-19 16:070
Russia quietly starts to shift its oil trade into rubles2008-02-28 00:580
Russia ready to offer Greeks cash in return for assets2015-04-07 15:500
Russia returning to gold with biggest purchases in six months2015-04-20 16:310
Russia said planning to sell up to 50 tonnes of gold2009-10-23 16:310
Russia said to seek repeal of U.S. veto at IMF2014-03-06 20:130
Russia says leak prompts postponement of gold sale2009-10-27 13:010
Russia scolds U.S. for trying to control world markets2008-06-07 20:360
Russia sells dollars and dollar-denominated assets to diversify reserves2004-11-14 08:000
Russia sells gold as its price rises2011-07-08 04:250
Russia shuns world gold market but buys domestic production2007-09-11 00:140
Russia stopped gold-buying spree after prices soared in January2015-02-21 16:220