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Russia, China likely to stop buying Treasuries, ex-White House financial aide says2014-04-19 00:580
Russia, South Africa seek to create OPEC-style platinum bloc2013-03-27 18:460
Russia-China gold reserves could shake U.S. economic dominance, expert tells RT2018-01-08 17:570
Russian bank freezes accounts of Venezuela's oil company, source tells Reuters2019-02-17 15:460
Russian banks aim to sell gold to China as VTB, Sberbank expand2016-09-22 21:270
Russian banks ask central bank to resume gold buying as virus hobbles exports2020-04-07 14:360
Russian banks consider exporting more gold2019-06-05 00:530
Russian central bank acquiring 'huge volumes' of gold2011-10-21 20:090
Russian central bank buys more gold in face of tougher sanctions2018-08-22 15:260
Russian central bank may boost gold trading on Moscow exchange2017-10-11 13:580
Russian central bank ready to buy any gold from state depository2009-11-17 00:540
Russian central bank stops supporting dollar2004-10-24 07:000
Russian central bank will buy gold ''on all markets'' -- foreign and domestic2005-11-24 08:000
Russian central bank''s currency basket reduces dollars, adds euros2005-08-01 07:000
Russian companies prepare to pay for trade in renminbi2014-06-08 23:200
Russian finance minister raises gold sales again2009-10-28 17:200
Russian financial analyst expects gold price suppression2018-07-22 18:500
Russian financial Internet site notes GATA's ad in The Wall Street Journal2008-02-07 01:210
Russian government news agency mocks West's gold market rigging2016-04-22 17:000
Russian government radio cites GATA in report on gold market manipulation2013-12-01 23:210