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Gold Fields to take control of Iamgold, derailing Golden Star''s bid2004-08-11 07:000
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Breakdown of gold-oil price ratio is huge evidence of price manipulation2004-08-10 07:000
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British HSBC bank buys stake in Chinese state bank2004-08-08 07:000
Energy-hungry miners must worry about $50 oil ...2004-08-08 07:000
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What''s to stop the Fed from winning the gold game if you can''t call their bluff?2004-07-31 07:000
There''s a big difference between ''managing'' markets and ''manipulating'' them2004-07-31 07:000
A report from ground zero of the gold-price suppression scheme2004-07-29 07:000
Ted Butler: Miners must stop subsidizing the low price of silver2004-07-27 07:000
Kalgoorlie conference: Barrick production increase, Lassonde''s price prediction2004-07-27 07:000
John Brimelow: Indian demand for physical vs. central bank price manipulation2004-07-26 07:000
Don''t think of gold as down but rather as vindicated2004-07-26 07:000
James Turk: Last week didn''t take dollar out of its 3-year decline2004-07-26 07:000
David Morgan of interviewed by FreeMarketNews.com2004-07-22 07:000
Randgold says it might consider Iamgold deal but Gold Fields won''t2004-07-21 07:000