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Evening trading sees oil at $502004-09-27 07:000
20 percent devaluation of U.S. dollar is reported proposed for G7 meeting2004-09-27 07:000
Newsweek story on currency exchange rates acknowledges manipulation2004-09-27 07:000
GATA publicizes class-action lawsuit against Barrick and Morgan Chase2004-09-27 07:000
Acquiring Noranda, China trades dollar surplus for hard assets2004-09-25 07:000
Blanchard seeks damages from Barrick Gold and Morgan Chase for all gold traders2004-09-22 07:000
Financial Times notes uncertainty over new central bank gold sales agreement2004-09-22 07:000
Second Blanchard suit against Barrick, Morgan seeks damages for all gold owners2004-09-20 07:000
Jim Puplava interviews Embry, Turk, and Murphy on gold market manipulation2004-09-18 07:000
Producers hasten hedge reductions, so where is all the new gold coming from?2004-09-16 07:000
Really, why does the Justice Department even need an Anti-Trust Division?2004-09-16 07:000
Ted Butler: A long-term investment better than the best stock or land2004-09-16 07:000
The Gartman Letter sneers at GATA, and a reply2004-09-15 07:000
Hugo Salinas Price: Libertad, or how good money might drive out bad money2004-09-14 07:000
Citigroup regrets getting caught rigging a market without a government partner2004-09-14 07:000
For Americans, having gold and silver stashed away isn''t going to be enough2004-09-13 07:000
Julian Phillips: Speculation on the next central bank gold agreement2004-09-13 07:000
Italian central bank says it doesn''t plan any gold sales2004-09-13 07:000
King Coenwulf''s gold penny is still worth more than Fed''s paper dollar2004-09-12 07:000
James Turk: Dollar''s bear-market trading range isn''t caused by fundamentals2004-09-12 07:000