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China may plan its own 'Bretton Woods' system, Leeb tells King World News2013-03-07 18:450
China may default on copper contracts, exchange''s former lawyer says2005-11-17 08:000
China may buy commodity giant Billiton, researcher says2007-06-07 15:520
China may add 4,000 tons of gold, paper says2008-11-19 04:340
China makes unexpected grab for Canadian miner2009-08-12 03:320
China lowers gold trading threshold for small investors2006-12-25 14:390
China lost billions buying stocks just before crash2009-03-16 15:050
China looking for ways to tiptoe out of huge dollar surplus2006-10-30 13:210
China likely taking a third of outside gold production, Embry says2012-11-12 18:290
China launches direct trade between yuan, Singapore dollar, bypassing U.S. dollar2014-10-27 13:270
China issues more gold and silver coins to meet soaring demand2011-06-20 15:240