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China may diversify dollar reserves into oil, Shanghai paper says2005-05-31 07:000
China may default on copper contracts, exchange''s former lawyer says2005-11-17 08:000
China may add 4,000 tons of gold, paper says2008-11-19 04:340
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China looks beyond U.S. Treasuries for dollar investments2019-06-05 01:090
China limits yuan's fall after being labeled currency manipulator2019-08-06 03:100
China likely to try to keep its copper production home2007-04-17 03:500
China likely taking a third of outside gold production, Embry says2012-11-12 18:290
China launches gold options as prices near six-year highs2019-12-20 19:000
China is taking equivalent of all world gold production, John Ing tells KWN2013-12-06 13:420