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Avery Goodman: India delegitimizes rupee, boosts gold demand2016-11-14 16:310
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Avery Goodman: Gold advocate, Fed foe under consideration for Cabinet position2016-12-27 00:300
Avery Goodman: Explosion in Comex gold offtake hints at LBMA defaults2017-03-05 15:340
Avery Goodman: Defaults on gold loans in China will increase, not reduce, demand2015-11-24 05:320
Avery Goodman: Bullion banks closed huge number of short positions last week2017-07-17 16:490
Avery Goodman: 729% increase in Comex gold deliveries in January2017-01-30 01:040
Avalanche of propaganda accompanies Fed's failure, Embry tells KWN2013-09-23 18:070
Author Arthur Hailley appeals to Fox News'' O''Reilly to review gold issue2001-07-20 07:000
Austrian silver euro coins being used to beat German taxes2009-07-04 21:500
Austrian central banker acknowledges general trend toward gold repatriation2015-05-28 14:490
Austrian central bank won't answer questions about its exec's remark on gold intervention2015-10-28 22:400
Austrian central bank refuses questions about executive's assertion of gold interventions2015-10-27 12:250
Austrian bank's gold report cites market manipulation2009-07-02 19:340
Austria reported to repatriate 110 tonnes of gold from Bank of England2015-05-22 16:190
Austria celebrates gold repatriation but really isn't coming clean2015-12-13 01:130
Australian scholar says futures markets suppress commodity prices, keep producing nations poor 2014-10-27 22:000
Australian gold miners note crash in exploration2014-08-07 02:430
Australian Financial Review: The great gold bullion conspiracy2013-06-08 14:160
Australian dispatch about GATA1999-05-31 07:000