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As contagion looms, gold is safe haven again, Cashin tells King World News2012-06-01 21:180
As central banks buy nearly everything, technical analysis is a fraud2016-07-12 17:100
As Asia takes over gold trade, World Gold Council considers standard for kilobars2018-01-22 19:590
Artist Alain Despert's video upated with more reference to GATA2009-08-02 22:460
Article on prospects for gold confiscation2001-02-10 08:000
Arrogant Germany and fearful France tearing euro apart2007-07-16 12:070
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Armstrong needn't research gold manipulation; he simply knows there isn't any2013-11-20 22:280
Armstrong accused of hiding valuables1999-12-16 08:000
Arkadiusz Sieron: Even U.S. already has had negative rates this year2019-10-09 18:210