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Irked by GATA, Bank of England denies gold loans, swaps since 20072011-12-14 17:034
Turkey targets gold stashes2012-03-22 15:104
Another attack tries to knock King World News off the Internet2012-04-14 00:054
More fake gold scandalizes New York dealers2012-09-23 14:494
Uneasiness in the Netherlands about national gold reserve2012-10-25 14:324
GATA's clamor reaches an ever-wider circle of the gold universe2012-11-07 07:084
To recover just a small part of Germany's gold, Bundesbank will need 7 years2013-01-16 13:564
Liam Halligan: Falling yen set to spark renewed currency wars2013-02-03 16:304
BNN lets Embry discuss gold market manipulation2013-04-08 15:224
India's gold buyers, smugglers will have last laugh on government2013-05-15 15:114
Treasuries not safe enough as pace of foreign purchases slows2013-07-22 19:524
Bron Suchecki: 'Liquidity squeeze' on bullion banks but not yet gold backwardation2013-07-27 00:154
On 'Keiser Report,' GoldMoney's Macleod reveals sharp fall in BofE's gold inventory2013-07-28 14:594
Doug Pollitt: Of bullion, backwardation, and Buffett2013-09-02 04:224
German legislator seeks repatriation of all the Bundesbank's gold2014-01-21 00:464
Two more U.S. State Dept. memos show conspiracy to control gold price2014-02-08 10:534