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Central banks have already lost their battle against gold, Sprott says2013-09-25 00:440
'Massive short covering' awaits bullion banks, John Ing tells King World News2013-09-25 00:530
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Paper claims outnumber real ounces by 93 to 1, Kaye tells KWN2013-09-25 18:390
Tocqueville's Hathaway joins battle against manipulation of metals markets2013-09-27 17:440
First settlement in South Africa for ailing mining company employees2013-09-28 01:470
Rob Kirby interviewed by Lars Schall about ESF's market-rigging power2013-09-28 13:550
GATA Chairman Murphy to speak at Silver Summit in Spokane on Oct. 24-252013-09-28 14:410
Silver looks like victim of intervention, von Greyerz tells King World News2013-09-29 00:160
Robert Fitzwilson: JPM likely rigs monetary metals markets for both U.S. and China2013-09-30 08:190
China plans to ease gold trade restrictions2013-09-30 14:350
J. Bradley Jansen: Indian gold as alternative currency2013-09-30 15:110
Dutch pension fund defeats central bank, wins right to invest in gold2013-10-01 03:490
Commodity benchmarks could fall under UK regulatory scrutiny2013-10-02 01:170
GATA secretary due on CNBC Asia on Thursday morning2013-10-02 12:100