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Koos Jansen: We can't pretend forever gold is worth $42.22 per ounce2015-01-11 00:200
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T.F. Metals Report: How they did it2015-01-12 18:010
UAE says OPEC price cut aims to suppress North American shale oil production2015-01-13 14:590
Banks' withdrawal opens doors for niche financiers in gold sector2015-01-15 01:220
Kaye notes Russian gas cutoff, sees sovereign bids for gold at $1,2052015-01-15 04:550
Central bank conflicts coming into the open, promising 'volatility'2015-01-15 16:190
Central bank sets off panic and chaos in Switzerland, von Greyerz tells KWN 2015-01-15 19:270
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: World deflationary forces have swept away Swiss defenses 2015-01-15 22:140
Swiss National Bank's reversal heralds financial meltdown, Celente tells KWN2015-01-16 01:200
How can you tell if a central banker is lying? He moves his lips2015-01-16 04:430
Koos Jansen: China continues to drain global gold inventory2015-01-16 12:400
John Hathaway: Gold market has been rigged but trust in the riggers is declining2015-01-16 14:410
World Gold Council CEO says gold's future is physical. (So much for GLD.)2015-01-16 19:040
New York Sun: Switzerland shows the absurdity of the fiat money system2015-01-17 14:370
Swiss franc trade is said to wipe out Everest's main hedge fund2015-01-18 00:140
Swiss lose battle in currency war, which could spread2015-01-18 16:310
GATA will make presentations in March in Singapore and Hong Kong2015-01-18 16:500
Bundesbank says it has hastened Germany's gold repatriation2015-01-19 13:090
Goldcorp pays 49% premium to acquire Probe Mines2015-01-19 13:360