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Gold manipulation is acknowledged at Kitco News only to be rationalized2020-04-06 15:1712
Fed will 'temporarily' monetize foreign-held U.S. Treasuries2020-03-31 15:1611
German financial magazine report on gold price manipulation cites GATA2020-04-06 18:4511
Gold dealers report big shortages of coins and smaller bars2020-04-02 16:0411
Pam and Russ Martens: Wall Street cut 68,000 jobs and got trillions in emergency loans prior to epidemic2020-04-01 17:1310
Peter Warburton: The debasement of world currency: It's inflation but not as we know it2010-02-06 17:2310
Ronan Manly: Comex can't find a 400-ounce gold bar for its new 400-ounce futures contract2020-03-31 16:1710
You mean there was never any gold at the Comex?2020-03-29 22:4910
Adrian Douglas: The 'tiny' gold market is actually the world's biggest2010-01-18 18:349
Argentina suspends payment on dollar-denominated bonds for a year2020-04-06 18:369
The $7.9 trillion pile of negative-yielding debt is growing fast2018-12-19 15:499
Why invest in the monetary metals and their miners if they won't defend themselves?2016-12-21 03:029
Brodsky and Quaintance: Central banks aim to redistribute gold and push it way up2012-05-15 22:298
Coronavirus shutdowns cause glitches in gold market2020-03-26 04:468
Miners are back, so follow them with The Calandra Report and help GATA2020-04-06 15:498
State Dept. cable confirms gold futures market was created for price suppression2017-01-04 16:288
Swiss gold refineries to reopen at sharply reduced capacity2020-04-05 16:588
Alasdair Macleod's study of "Gibson's Paradox" posted by GATA2015-08-10 17:027
BIS official: Central banks cooperate to influence gold price2006-03-09 08:007
Bloomberg News resentfully notices that gold is starting to win2020-04-04 05:167