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Ronan Manly: Central banks' secrecy and silence on gold storage arrangements2015-09-30 01:012
Ronan Manly: LBMA's market 'transparency' reports cost $18,000 per year2019-05-18 02:152
Russia now can cover its debt dollar for dollar in cash2019-04-01 04:272
Russia sells half its U.S. Treasuries2018-06-16 13:322
Russian president doubts dollar, open to yuan-ruble swaps2009-06-06 06:532
Secrecy of central bank gold lending condemned in new study2006-12-14 03:012
Silver's recent plunge a 'setup,' Sprott tells Silver Investing News2011-06-16 01:342
Silver-mad small investors fueled an epic rise and fall2011-05-07 18:312
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Somehow the case for gold makes it into the Financial Times2016-08-08 13:242