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China farms the world to feed a ravenous economy2008-05-04 19:071
China forms company to spend FX reserves2007-03-09 17:251
China gold firms pursue $1.5 billion Indonesia mine2017-09-12 18:481
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China moves forward in opening gold market2012-11-30 20:171
China takes 10% stake in Morgan Stanley to cover junk mortgages2007-12-19 19:221
China threatens 'nuclear option' of dollar sales2007-08-07 18:381
China would buy huge stake in mega-miner Billiton2008-04-09 00:511
China's central bank sees strong commodities, weak dollar 2011-03-26 15:131
China's demand for gold, silver is 'explosive,' bank executive says2011-02-16 14:571
China's derivative default stance rattles banks2009-09-01 03:531
China's gold investment at risk as Beijing frees yuan2015-11-05 15:411
China, Argentina to conduct trade in Chinese currency2009-03-31 02:401
Chinese exporters shun flagging dollar2008-03-28 01:481