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Central bank gold sales now seen as evidence of weakness, trader tells WSJ2011-07-01 02:252
Central bank policy is obscuring market values, Warsh tells Stanford audience2012-01-27 02:532
Central banks 'managing' -- that is, rigging -- gold 'more actively,' LBMA is told2014-11-13 16:252
CFTC to join market riggers in conference on suppressing energy prices2010-01-31 17:332
CFTC toughens commodity limits but relents on some rules2010-12-16 16:502
CFTC unveils new tools to stop market manipulation2010-10-26 14:392
Chaos in gold markets ripples to other precious metals2020-07-04 13:212
Charles W. Kadlec: Gold vs. the Fed -- the record is clear2010-10-28 13:362
Chile's environmental court orders Barrick to close Pascua-Lama gold mine2018-10-13 03:002
Chilton says CFTC found much evidence of silver rigging; Schiff calls rigging 'rumor' 2018-11-20 15:582