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IMF rules both provide for and forbid gold loans and swaps2001-08-18 07:000
IMF said ready to propose proper accounting for central bank gold2006-12-07 22:370
IMF says any gold sales will only substitute for unsold central bank quotas2008-03-01 03:490
IMF Says Housing Busts Are More Damaging Than Stock Busts2003-04-04 08:000
IMF says it sold less gold in October2010-11-30 06:470
IMF sees no end to credit crisis2008-07-28 20:240
IMF sells 16.85 tons, Russia buys 16.2 tons in July2010-09-01 12:210
IMF staff review recommends delaying currency basket adoption of yuan2015-08-05 03:120
IMF study acknowledges risk of double-counting leased central bank gold2006-06-06 07:000
IMF study says market could handle limited and phased gold sales2005-04-01 08:000
IMF talks about selling gold again2006-11-22 13:480
IMF to make Chinese yuan reserve currency in historic move2015-11-29 16:590
IMF undertakes audit of U.S. financial system2008-06-30 02:590
IMF urged to flood world with global super-currency2009-03-17 14:300
IMF warns that Fed should delay rate hike until 20162015-06-04 18:240
IMF worries that commodities may not be a bubble2008-05-09 03:550
IMF worries that FX markets might develop, escaping central bank control2006-09-12 04:480
IMF would sell gold because European central banks won't anymore2007-02-01 02:500
IMF's gold deal with India seen supporting the price2009-11-03 13:590
IMF's gold sales rose sharply in September2010-10-30 06:370