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Chinese central banker says dollar must weaken2009-12-17 15:480
Chinese central banker says gold is 'separate' from FX diversification2006-11-11 02:380
Chinese central banker sketches plan for new reserve currency2009-03-23 11:440
Chinese central banker suggests that yuan may be delinked from dollar sooner2005-04-24 07:000
Chinese central banker urges diversifying into gold, oil, metals2007-04-25 00:100
Chinese companies seen bidding for African Barrick Gold2012-08-16 12:240
Chinese company buys full control of Eldorado's Jinfeng mine 2016-04-26 14:220
Chinese diversification into gold implies numbers that are ''too staggering''2004-12-19 08:000
Chinese economist urges purchase of physical gold for safety2006-03-03 08:000
Chinese gather up mining resources abroad2009-02-17 04:100
Chinese gold bugs take the lead2012-01-14 01:080
Chinese gold buying picks up after holiday and premiums rise2014-10-10 15:330
Chinese government company buys Peru Copper2007-06-11 16:100
Chinese government paper urges new world financial order2008-09-17 05:120
Chinese govt. buys bank shares, drops tax on stock trading2008-09-19 01:020
Chinese govt. economist includes gold in plan to slow rise in FX reserves2006-04-10 07:000
Chinese govt. economist says yuan requires big revaluation2007-01-21 08:240
Chinese investors favor gold but fear futures2008-01-07 13:480
Chinese legislative leader urges end to buying of U.S. bonds2006-04-04 07:000
Chinese market recovers to near record high2007-03-20 01:260