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CitiFX report predicts gold will reach $2,0002008-11-27 03:335
CME Group admits its exchanges have been allowing manipulative trading practices2014-09-09 00:425
Committee members, consultants, and law firm2006-12-18 01:005
David Stockman: How the Fed loots U.S. savers to subsidize foreign banks2014-08-23 19:195
Drop in gold price fuels buying frenzy in Saudi Arabia2013-12-23 01:495
Embry warns against 'paper gold,' expects a 'currency event'2014-05-02 19:465
Euro-zone economy grinds to halt even before Russia sanctions bite2014-08-14 16:535
Facts, Evidence and Logical Inference by Frank A. J. Veneroso2007-07-19 14:385
Federal Reserve lawyer can't remember talking about gold swaps2001-07-23 07:005
Federal Reserve said to probe banks over forex fixing2014-01-13 13:435
Financial Times repudiates explanation for removal of gold manipulation report2014-08-05 15:045
Ford library confirms Fed letter tying Germany to gold price suppression2011-11-18 22:125
French central bank secretly trades the gold market almost every day2013-12-13 22:175
Gartman Letter: Gold rigging by central banks is only to be expected2007-08-16 12:555
GATA consultant Dimitri Speck's new book is 'The Gold Cartel'2013-11-19 17:475
GATA sues Fed to disclose gold market intervention records2009-12-30 18:335