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South Carolina state treasurer's report notes gold and silver price suppression2012-03-31 15:510
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South Korea doesn't plan to stop crypto trading2018-01-31 20:580
South Korea hastens central bank gold-buying spree2011-12-02 15:520
South Korea increases currency market intervention2008-07-10 02:400
South Korea reportedly intervenes to slow currency's rise2010-09-27 12:310
South Korea to buy gold, expecting it to replace dollar2009-07-06 03:420
South Korea's central bank looks to gold2010-10-18 12:370
South Korean central banker disparages gold2009-12-08 04:560
Sovereign debt problems worsen, support metals, Turk tells King World News2011-01-20 21:000
Sovereign funds soon may surpass official foreign reserves2008-03-11 19:070
Sovereign wealth funds seen saving U.S., U.K. 'financial structure'2008-01-24 05:370
Sovereigns may prove bigger than commercials shorting gold, Fitzpatrick says2012-10-05 01:190
Spain risks crisis over vanishing FX and gold reserves2007-05-17 04:310
Spain says it dumped gold for more profitable bonds2007-06-06 17:150
Spain seizes U.S. treasure-hunting boat off Gibraltar2007-07-13 04:540
Spanish Internet newspaper cites GATA and John Embry2007-06-08 21:220
Spanish professor details the faults of the fiat money system2014-08-23 15:080