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Central banks face another failure like the London Gold Pool, Turk tells KWN2017-05-23 00:583
Central banks fear exposure of their interventions, so we GATA press on2016-10-26 23:083
CFTC refuses to address GATA's questions about gold and silver market rigging2018-12-13 17:333
CFTC toughens commodity limits but relents on some rules2010-12-16 16:503
China buys gold and the world follows2011-01-21 17:343
China central bank researcher suspects 'intensive gold sales' by U.S.2010-09-02 16:253
China expands yuan export settlement to all qualified companies2012-03-05 01:283
China keeps buying U.S. bonds despite concerns2009-05-17 14:423
China scoops up more gold for reserves during trade war2019-08-07 13:493
China steps up global mining buys2010-07-21 23:233