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Swiss National Bank's reversal heralds financial meltdown, Celente tells KWN2015-01-16 01:200
Swiss parliament to discuss gold franc as parallel currency2011-07-08 15:080
Swiss People's Party proposes ban on central bank's gold sales2011-09-22 02:540
Swiss petition succeeds for referendum to ban gold sales, require repatriation2013-03-21 03:020
Swiss refiner Metalor to stop processing artisanal gold2019-06-18 02:430
Swiss refinery report: Gold supply has never been tighter2013-12-05 21:420
Swiss sales dash hopes of gold recovery2007-06-14 15:490
Swiss slide into deflation signals next chapter of crisis2009-04-05 21:380
Swiss stock exchange will let traders settle in gold2011-09-25 17:340