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Russia increasingly understands its international leverage with oil, gas, and gold2014-04-05 10:330
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Russia letting dollar fall against ruble2004-11-24 08:000
Russia may cut off oil and gas to Europe2008-08-29 01:070
Russia may eliminate gold tax to boost investment at dollar's expense2019-02-08 20:030
Russia raises gold reserves for eighth month, Ukraine cuts again2014-12-23 13:380
Russia revives gold mining in its challenging Far East2009-08-12 02:500
Russia says BRICS nations favor idea of common payment system2019-11-15 16:160
Russia says leak prompts postponement of gold sale2009-10-27 13:010
Russia threatens default to U.S. banks, dumping of U.S. bonds2014-03-04 15:310
Russia to cut share of U.S. dollar in National Wealth Fund, mulls other currencies2019-11-13 18:320
Russia Today interviews GATA Chairman Murphy on Wednesday2012-09-04 15:180
Russia wants rouble, yuan, gold in new currency basket2009-03-28 14:230
Russia wants to join EU's bypass of sanctions on Iran2019-07-18 17:040
Russia warns world that U.S. controls Bank of England2019-01-30 16:460
Russia will increase euro and decrease dollar in targeting of ruble''s value2005-02-04 08:000
Russia''s president wants oil, gas traded in rubles on a domestic exchange2006-05-11 07:000
Russia's bid to ditch the US dollar is slowly working but obstacles remain2019-09-27 14:310
Russia's biggest bank notes surging demand for gold2009-02-11 19:100
Russia's largest TV network reports on gold price suppression, cites GATA2013-12-19 15:340