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Germans fret about their foreign gold reserves2012-05-15 20:113
US-UK gold swap treaty disappears from UN Internet site, reappears at GATA's2012-02-01 15:543
Markets mustn't learn about our gold transactions, Bank of England says2011-11-03 21:423
Central banks care mainly about saving big banks, Sprott tells King World News2010-07-21 01:133
Reg Howe: Gold derivatives -- GLD and ass backwardation2010-05-25 01:493
Peter Warburton: The debasement of world currency: It's inflation but not as we know it2010-02-06 17:233
Businessman who paid in gold and silver coin found guilty of tax fraud2009-08-15 14:573
Commodity exchanges can dump gold debts on ETFs2009-07-11 17:113
Gold bar shortage in Singapore and Hong Kong2008-09-11 12:433
U.S. nationalizes Freddie, Fannie, wiping out shareholders2008-09-07 15:203
Chris Powell: There are no markets anymore, just interventions2008-04-19 04:513
James Turk: Silver is leading2008-02-11 15:043