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Euro reaches 2-month high on suggestion of higher interest rates2005-03-08 08:000
Undercurrent of dismay in China over accumulation of dollar assets2005-03-08 08:000
Wheaton River to remain unhedged, expects higher gold price next year2005-03-08 08:000
Euro reaches 2-month high on suggestion of increase in interest rates2005-03-08 08:000
Indian and Chinese banks pulling out of ailing U.S. dollar2005-03-07 08:000
James Turk: After three years, oil is starting to rise in euros too2005-03-06 08:000
Asian banks reducing share of U.S. dollar deposits, BIS reports2005-03-06 08:000
China says it won''t change dollar''s share in its foreign exchange reserves2005-03-06 08:000
Marshall Auerback: Last orders for the U.S. dollar?2005-03-06 08:000
Gold EFTs in India won''t have to keep all their metal on hand2005-03-06 08:000
Doug Casey: Iran is next U.S. target because of its plan to price oil in euros2005-03-06 08:000
Gold''s heroes will speak at CMRE spring meeting in New York2005-03-05 08:000
Central bank threatens traders with intervention if Taiwan dollar keeps rising2005-03-04 08:000
Julian Phillips: French gold sales have stopped2005-03-04 08:000
Dubai study warns oil producers that Western banks rig gold market2005-03-03 08:000
Harris Capital Management: The real currency is crude oil2005-03-03 08:000
David Bond: Redemption for the hard-rock miner2005-03-02 08:000
Murphy''s ''Midas'' commentary discloses the Arab world''s Sprott report2005-03-01 08:000
Indians soon may get a chance to be like Westerners and pretend to own gold2005-02-28 08:000
Citigroup will have fewer employees to rig markets with2005-02-28 08:000