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Still more efforts to talk the dollar back up2004-11-29 08:000
Newspaper says Chinese banks may be allowed into dollar market2004-11-29 08:000
Teasury Secretary Snow likely won''t be kept on long, Washington Post suggests2004-11-29 08:000
Everyone seems to expect the dollar to rally now, not to keep falling2004-11-29 08:000
China urged to develop gold market for asset protection, not speculation2004-11-29 08:000
Weight of speculation seen working more against gold than the dollar2004-11-29 08:000
Dan Denning: Gold and Gravity2004-11-28 08:000
Lack of growth in Wal-Mart sales stokes fears about U.S. recovery2004-11-28 08:000
China Daily: Gold bars welcomed by Chinese consumers2004-11-27 08:000
Doug Noland: An open letter to the U.S. dollar2004-11-27 08:000
NY Times: Foreign interest appears to flag as dollar falls2004-11-27 08:000
Gold reserves selloff estimated to have cost Britain2004-11-27 08:000
Try reaching the McCulley essay through Pimco''s home page2004-11-26 08:000
The day the dollar died?2004-11-26 08:000
China reported bidding for Canada-based Husky Energy2004-11-26 08:000
An interview with GATA board member Catherine Austin Fitts2004-11-26 08:000
GATA''s great friend, novelist Arthur Hailey, dies at 84 at home in Bahamas2004-11-26 08:000
Bank of England''s chief economist says dollar could fall another 15 percent2004-11-25 08:000
Pimco Internet site goes out of service2004-11-25 08:000
Everyone expects intervention or a bounce for the dollar but it''s not happening2004-11-25 08:000