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Gold market manipulation update, March 20142014-03-26 06:544
GATA Urges Congressional Support for Monetary Reform and Accountability Act on Gold2002-07-08 07:004
Congressman keeps pressing Treasury, CFTC about gold market rigging2019-09-10 14:184
Comex said warning brokers about December gold squeeze2008-12-13 04:114
Chris Powell: There are no markets anymore, just interventions2008-04-19 05:184
CFTC refuses to address GATA's questions about gold and silver market rigging2018-12-13 17:154
BIS official: Central banks cooperate to influence gold price2006-03-09 08:004
Barrick chairman speculates China will dump dollars for gold2009-01-29 19:444
Banks set new store on building gold vaults2010-06-13 00:484