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China''s golden key to independence from the United States2005-07-28 07:000
China''s gold reserves double in value while Britain''s are sold cheap2006-03-24 08:000
China''s foreign minister says investment in Canadian resources is only starting2004-10-21 07:000
China''s central bank sells gold to keep price from soaring2003-01-28 08:000
China''s bid for Unocal is acknowledged as a move out of U.S. bonds2005-07-05 07:000
China would diversify amid dollar doubts, congressman says2009-06-09 07:000
China would buy huge stake in mega-miner Billiton2008-04-09 00:510
China will take control of gold pricing, Sprott's Charles Oliver says2014-09-23 12:470
China will support dollar in short term, state banker says2010-03-08 05:060
China will let its currency rise faster2007-05-18 14:560
China will keep buying U.S. Treasuries as it diversifies reserves2007-03-11 23:540
China will be dollar's slave forever, Financial Times hopes2009-05-25 03:570
China wealth fund sees sure thing in 'more bubbles'2009-08-29 14:120
China warns U.S. against failure of Fannie, Freddie2008-08-26 03:240
China warns of worldwide devaluations and inflation2009-05-06 15:110
China wants to steal gold market 'reins' from New York and London2015-07-10 14:500
China wants to set prices for the world's commodities2016-05-25 13:350
China wants say in 'price discovery' in everything2014-10-07 23:380
China vice president vows to 'look after' stock market investors2016-01-21 19:420
China uses trade war to drain West's gold, Maguire tells KWN2018-09-14 20:480