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Dutch finance minister''s comments give euro another boost2004-12-26 08:000
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Dutch central bank refuses to disclose gold correspondence with other central banks2014-01-10 17:390
Dutch central bank moves gold reserves to Amsterdam suburb2020-10-03 01:190
Dutch central bank admits 90% of its gold is abroad2012-01-07 18:240
Durban takes loan to close last hedge, may issue shares to close loan2004-06-28 07:000
Durban Roodeport Deep supports GATA again and again2001-05-19 07:000
Durban Deep leads the gold cause and the gold shares2002-01-24 08:000
Dumping of dollar could cause economic Sept. 11, U.S. expert says2005-08-28 07:000
Dumb money goes short silver, smart money unloads its shorts, GGR says2013-04-05 22:210
Duh, ya think? Canadian central banker says QE weakens the currency2011-10-28 20:520
Dubai's Khaleej Times cites GATA in review of silver's prospects2006-09-10 18:240
Dubai's historic gold souk shines again after lockdown2020-05-17 14:510
Dubai's AMEInfo: Buy gold to hold, not to trade2006-09-22 02:170
Dubai gold exchange can only be better than Comex ...2005-02-21 08:000