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9:46p ET Tuesday, May 1, 2001

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

By way of explanation, let me share with you a rebuke GATA
received today for publicizing the special offers made to GATA
supporters by precious metals dealers who themselves support
GATA, and my reply.

* * *


Please stop embarrassing yourselves and cheapening your
cause by pandering to these commercial interests.

Your credibility suffers greatly when you engage in this
type of "hawking" for precious metals businesses.



- - -

Dear A.B.C:

Thanks for your advice that GATA should not advertise the
special offers of the and and precious metals dealers who
contribute to our cause.

We are facing expenses of perhaps $20,000 right now to
undertake our African gold conference in Durban, and we don't
yet have the money for an undertaking that we believe has an
excellent chance of changing the financial world.

I don't find your name among our contributors. So I'll be more
enthusiastic about taking your advice when you choose to help
us as much as these dealers already have done and continue
to do.

At GATA we get plenty of free advice. Help is something else.

With good wishes.

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

* * *

So our critic will not be happy to learn that, in informing you
the other day about the special offers for GATA supporters made
by Ed Lee of Certified Coins in New Hampshire, I inadvertently
omitted a lot of the details, which I'm including below.

If you don't like the advertising GATA does occasionally, I
hope you'll forgive it as you would forgive the advertising in
any publication or on any broadcast station, as something
necessary to keeping the enterprise going -- in this case, a
non-profit civil rights and educational organization.

But if you're interested in buying precious metals and coins,
check out Ed Lee's offers below, as you would have checked out
the other recent offers we distributed to you from our friends
in the coin and metals business. Lee will make a contribution
to GATA for every purchase made by a GATA supporter.

And we sure can use the help right about now!

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

* * *

from Ed Lee at

Lee has been in the coin and bullion business since 1958 and
is bonded for $500,000

If you contact Lee at Certified Coins and identify yourself
as a GATA supporter, these offers will be available to you:

1) 2001 US Silver Eagles for only $6.19 per coin. Minimum
order is only 20 coins. All coins come in US Mint tubes and
boxes. Shipping and handling costs depend on quantity ordered
and your location.

2)Rolls of 1964 BU John F. Kennedy half dollars. These are
made of 90 percent silver and were minted in only one year.
Only $45.95 per roll of 20 coins. Compare at $56 per roll.
Our price is just $2.29 per coin.

3)Rolls of BU Franklin half dollars, pre-1964. Only $88 per
roll of 20 coins. That's only $4.40 per coin. Compare at $98
per roll.

4)Bags of circulated US silver coins, $1,000 face value, for
only $3,495. Compare at $3,600-$3,800. Dimes, quarters, or
halves. Shipping and handling costs depend on weight and

5)Lab-graded (NGC/PCGS) MS64 St. Gaudens $20 gold pieces,
circa 1908-1928. Only $449 per coin. Former high price of
$2,900 per coin. Free shipping for GATA supporters. Compare
at $479-$499.

6)$20 Liberty gold pieces, pre-1908. Very fine grade. Only
$312 per coin. Free shipping for GATA supporters.

Telephone 800-835-6000 oremail

Note: Prices can change with market conditions, and these
offers are subject to availability.

Ed Lee is a highly recommended dealer who has been selling
coins and precious metals since 1958 and is located in sales
tax-free New Hampshire. He is bonded for $500,000 to help
assure delivery and will supply GATA supporters with 1-ounce
US Gold and Platinum Eagles (Canadian Maple Leafs too) for
a small commission -- just 1 percent over his dealer cost --
and will donate that broker's fee to GATA.

Lee came to GATA's attention via his long-standing endorsement
by Harry Schultz, the "world's highest paid investment
consultant," according to many editions of the Guinness Book
of Records since 1980. Lee is also the author of a best-selling
financial book.

GATA supporters who identify themselves as such in their orders
with Lee will receive special offers like those listed above,
and special treatment that could include free shipping on large
orders and discounts on US Silver Eagles and rare/semi-rare coins.

And Lee will make a contribution to GATA for EVERYTHING
purchased from him by GATA supporters.

To contact Ed Lee, telephone him toll-free at 800-835-6000,
e-mail him at, or go to his web-site,

But you have to identify yourself as a GATA supporter to get
the above special deals.

Make sure to compare what Lee offers with what is offered by
other dealers before you buy anything.

Lee also will provide free information about coins and precious
metals, including how to put coins and metals in IRA accounts.