Interesting references in London Telegraph story on gold''s rise


11:35p ET Monday, May 21, 2001

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

In addition to GATA Chairman Bill Murphy's commentary
tonight at, you may be
interested in the following....

From Harry Schultz, the renowned investment adviser
and crucial friend to GATA, reporting from Europe this

"At about 6 p.m. local time CNBC Europe read on the
air an email about the GATA lawsuit. Two young talking
heads, a man and a woman, discussed it. The man said
that if the case goes to discovery, Fed Chairman Alan
Greenspan's credibility will be in question. The woman
said yes, in that case his credibility will be in question
not only about gold but about the whole U.S. economy,
and that could have an impact about the economy.

"Then the host talking head tried to smooth over what
those two had said before he could stop them, saying
that we should remember that there is the need for
proof of the allegations, but that in any case there are
a lot of shorts out there.

"CNBC showed a gold price chart and spoke of
resistance at US$300 but admitted that gold was
showing strength.

"So gold is suddenly a respectable topic on TV!

"Boy, we waited a long time for this."

* * *

And there's lots of good commentary tonight at

An essay headlined "Explaining gold's rise as the
rally fizzles" includes a comment from a J.P.
Morgan/Chase official who identifies himself as the
prototypical "Hannibal Cannibal," the term applied to
the gold cabal by GATA Chairman Bill Murphy:

The Mining Web interviews gold analyst Nick Goodwin:

And this article interviews Harmony's Bernard Swanepoel,
AngloGold's Bobby Godsell and Kelvin Williams, and Durban
Deep's Mark Wellesley-Wood. They are all more or less

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer