Jay Taylor: Canada's BNN doesn't want GATA mentioned on the air


9:12p ET Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Few financial newsletter writers work harder than Jay Taylor, editor of J. Taylor's Gold, Energy, and Tech Stocks newsletter (http://www.miningstocks.com/). Taylor not only provides weekly analysis from a hard-money point of view but also produces an Internet radio interview program on which GATA Chairman Bill Murphy and your secretary/treasurer have appeared and speaks on financial television and raido programs and at financial conferences around the world. Last week Taylor was appearing on Business News Network in Canada and his latest letter describes how he was urged not to mention GATA on the air.

This is a change of attitude for BNN, as for years, under the editorship of Jim O'Connell, the network was glad to inquire into gold market manipulation and let GATA be part of the discussion. But O'Connell died five years ago, perhaps taking BNN's courage with him.

Taylor's letter about BNN and GATA is excerpted below.

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

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By Jay Taylor
J. Taylor's Gold, Energy, and Tech Stocks Newsletter
Friday, August 3, 2012


For some reason -- I'll let you imagine why -- the news media treats the name "GATA" with the same contempt and unfairness with which it treated Ron Paul.

How do I know free speech and fairness are denied GATA, a civil rights organization?

While I have suspected for quite some time that "GATA" was a dirty word in the minds of the establishment, I received first-hand evidence of it last week when I was interviewed by a producer for Business News Network in Canada before appearing on BNN's "Top Picks" show yesterday. (You can watch my comments on Dynacor, Sandstorm, and Timmins Gold here: http://watch.bnn.ca/#clip733129.)

Here is what happened.

The producer wanted to know why I thought the gold price had fallen on Thursday, as he thought it should have risen because of the decline in stock prices and a downturn in confidence in the European Union's resolve to "fix" Europe's economic problems. I suggested to him that I thought the work of GATA helped explain one possible answer to that question. I told him I thought GATA provided some pretty strong evidence that the gold price is from time to time rigged by the same folks responsible for the LIBOR fraud.

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Sona Discovers Potential High-Grade Gold Mineralization
at Blackdome in British Columbia -- 13.6g over 1.5 Meters

From a Company Press Release
November 22, 2011

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- With its latest surface diamond drilling program at its 100-percent-owned, formerly producing Blackdome gold mine in southern British Columbia, Sona Resources Corp. has discovered a potentially high-grade gold-mineralized area, with one hole intersecting 13.6 grams of gold in 1.5 meters of core drilling.

"We intersected a promising new mineralized zone, and we feel optimistic about the assay results," says Sona's president and CEO, John P. Thompson. "We have undertaken an aggressive exploration program that has tested a number of target zones. Our discovery of this new gold-bearing structure is significant, and it represents a positive development for the company."

Sona aims to bring its permitted Blackdome mill back into production over the next year and a half, at a rate of 200 tonnes per day, with feed from the formerly producing Blackdome mine and the nearby Elizabeth gold deposit property. A positive preliminary economic assessment by Micon International Ltd., based on a gold price of $950 per ounce over eight years, has estimated a cash cost of $208 per tonne milled, or $686 per gold ounce recovered.

For the company's complete press release, please visit:


The producer responded by asking me to please avoid talking about GATA. It was OK for me to say what I believed, he said, but not to say the name "GATA," because, in his words, "That causes a lot of trouble around here."

I can see this only as a form of media control by the establishment. Just as the media was fearful that Ron Paul would catch on en masse, so all manner of unfairness was used against him so he couldn't get traction among masses of Americans, and so it is that someone high up in the media world does not want the public to get the idea that the gold price is rigged and thus headed to much, much higher levels -- because that concept, if it were to become popular with people other than a few of us "libertarian nut cases," could lead to a panic out of the dollar.

I have believed for some time, based at first on my own intuition and then in recent years increasingly on the work of an army of GATA writers and researchers, that this was the motive for the establishment's "managing" the gold price.

Most of you are no doubt very much aware of GATA, but if you aren't, I urge you to go to www.GATA.org and begin digging into the evidence that gold and silver prices have been at least "played with" and that because the paper markets have been used to suppress metals prices, when and if the masses decide they want to take delivery of the metals, the price of gold could indeed rise to untold thousands of dollars per ounce.

Despite all the anti-gold propaganda, there is no reason to doubt that we are in the bull market of a lifetime for both gold and mining shares. Very soon we are going to see a dramatic increase in both the real and nominal price of gold, and the gold shares are going to break out as well. Hence my unflinching support of the yellow metal and gold mining shares as well as silver and silver mining shares.

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Prophecy Platinum Announces Wellgreen Preliminary Economic Assessment:
38% Pre-Tax IRR, $3.0 Billion NPV, and a 37-Year Mine Life

Company Press Release

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada -- Prophecy Platinum Corp. (TSX-V: NKL, OTC-QX: PNIKF, Frankfurt: P94P) reports the results of an independent NI 43-101-compliant preliminary economic assessment for its fully owned Wellgreen nickel-copper-platinum group metals project in the Yukon Territory.

The independent assessment, prepared by Tetra Tech, evaluated a base case of an open-pit mine (with a mining rate of 111,500 tonnes per day), an on-site concentrator (with a milling rate of 32,000 tonnes per day), and an initial capital cost of $863 million. The project is expected to produce (in concentrate) 1.959 billion pounds of nickel, 2.058 billion pounds of copper, and 7.119 million ounces of platinum, palladium, and gold during a mine life of 37 years with an average strip ratio of 2.57.

The financial highlights of the preliminary economic assessment, shown in U.S. dollars, are as follows:

Payback period: 3.55 years
Initial capital investment: $863 million
IRR pre-tax (100% equity): 38 percent
NPV pre-tax (8% discount): $3 billion
Mine life: 37 years
Total mill feed: 405.3 million tonnes
Mill throughput: 32,000 tonnes per day

Prophecy Chairman John Lee says: "We are pleased with the preliminary economic assessment results. The numbers indicate that Wellgreen is one of most exciting mineral projects in the Yukon. The company is drilling to upgrade and expand the resource base. The infrastructure is excellent as the project is only 1,400 meters in altitude and 14 kilometers from the paved Alaska Highway, which leads to the Haines deep seaport. Discussions are under way with support from local stakeholders regarding permitting and logistics."

For the complete press release, please visit: