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4:30p ET Friday, June 29, 2001

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Here's another generous special offer to GATA supporters.
It's from gold/resource/tech newsletter writer Ron Struthers,
who will donate to GATA half the subscription payments
made by GATA supporters. I think you'll find the description
of Struthers' newsletters very interesting.

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

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June 2001

Hello, my name is Ron Keleher and I am going to show you
how to make a huge return on your gold investments and
help GATA at the same time.

This is indeed a rare opportunity if you take one moment
to explore the market techniques I learned many years ago.
I say "rare" because the savvy analysts/newsletter writer
that I am about to tell you about has never done major

I work in the marketing/advertising business and have
known Ron Struthers since high school days and have been after
him for years to let me do some promotion for his newsletter,
Resource Stock Report. He was never really interested, saying
he wanted to keep a small inclusive subscriber base and was
happy how the newsletter was doing. I know if he followed his
own advice, he certainly would not need the money.

It may seem that he finally gave into my nagging, but I really
think he is just giving me a challenge. He told me GATA is a
worthy cause, as it is seeking the truth behind the gold market,
but gold has been in such a brutal bear market that few would
pay much attention to anything with the word "gold" in it

Knowing GATA, you probably know otherwise. You can learn
more about Ron and his newsletter at his web site, Following are a few highlights:

A section of the newsletter is on markets and economy. Many
subscribers say this alone is worth more than the subscription

Ron called the bursting of the tech/internet bubble right on, but
unlike most analysts, he explained precisely why and how the
bubble was forming and why it would burst. He reported that a
combination of market growth in PCs and the Internet, the Fed's
easy-money policy, and unprecedented spending on Y2K
computer compliance were causing a bubble. Ron warned that
these factors would reverse in 2000. Y2K compliance would
cease, the Fed would try to rein in monetary policy, and the PC
and Internet markets would reach saturation in North America.

The rest is history, but Ron is just not a die-hard bear on paper
assets. In fact he all three major bear market rallies in NASDAQ
since the bubble popped in May last year. Ron also has a tech
newsletter that featured RIM at $7; it went to more than $200.
The shares have been sold and bought a few times, a favorite
for rallies: $7 to $50, $45 to $95, and recently $32 to $53.

While the bulls were screaming in 1999 and 2000, Ron was
suggesting a 30 percent weighting in the Prudent Bear Fund.
That is one reason why his model portfolio was up 34 percent
last year while most investors took a bath.

Another reason is his unparalleled success in the resource
market. Ron called the PGE bull market and got his subscribers
into Stillwater, his favorite junior, at $13.25 post-split. Another
recommended company, IDO, is up 380 percent.

Ron was the only one I know who called what is now known as
the Buffet rally in silver His detailed analysis on the silver market
in January 1998 was just before the rally began to take silver
pennies above Ron's target price. Ron has a number of silver
picks he has been bottom feeding on, but has done nothing on
the silver market since that report, so I can't wait for his next

Ron alerted subscribers to the current energy crisis months
before most analysts believed that higher oil prices could happen.
His energy picks have made phenomenal returns: Velvet $1.30 to
$6.50, Ultra Petroleum $1.40 to $10.75, and BPI Industries $0.42
to $3.05, to name a few. His conservative pick, a trust now yielding
about 13 percent, has gained about 45 percent. A couple of recent
picks, MKBY in September, is up 340 percent, and CQV in December
2000 is up about 320 percent.

Now this leads to what you may find of most interest. Ron has not
been very bullish on gold, but in February he was saying the bottom
was here and it was time to load up. He has commented for some
time that the key point for investors is that the gold market will be
very selective, especially in its early bullish phase, and investors
not in the right gold stocks could be disappointed. Ron is saying
that a lot of the highly leveraged and touted stocks will disappoint.

Given Ron's performance, I would take heed. The top gold stock
on the Toronto Stock Exchange last year was Goldcorp, a company
Ron hollered about last year. You will want to know his top picks
now for the new bull market. In fact, he probably already has the
top pick among gold producers.

This is why I mentioned the 400 percent return. Philex Gold, PGI on
the CDNX, started the year at $0.36 and so far the recent high is
$1.84, up just over 400 percent. While most newsletters and gold
investors missed this one, RSR readers did not.

Ron seems to have an uncanny ability to seek out the top-performing
stocks. His original claim to fame was the early identification of
Hemlo discovery, and there have been many since. Even in poor
years like 1997, which was a disaster in mining stocks, with the
Bre-X fiasco, when only four mining stocks had big runs -- Western
Copper, Donner, Crystallex, and Cross Lake -- Ron picked three of
the four for huge gains. Western Copper went from $1.17 to $12,
Donner from $1.15 to $4.20, and Crystallex from $2.30 to $11.30.

This year Ron is on top again. Gold recently had a strong move that
Ron predicted in late February, right at the bottom of the XAU.
gold stocks have been the top-performing sector this year. Ron's
senior/mid-tier golds are up 50 percent, with Glamis and Kinross
each up over 80 percent. His junior gold producers are up on
average of 105 percent.

The combined average of his 13 gold picks is 79 percent on the year
and 51 percent from buy levels, far outperforming the indexes. This
does not include Ron's speculative pick to buy Homestake July call
options that have seen gains of almost 400 percent. If you dabble
in resource and gold stocksl, you cannot afford to miss an issue of
Struthers' Resource Stock Report.

So here is the deal, simple. If you subscribe for one or two years
and mention GATA on your subscription form, Ron will give 50
percent of your payment to GATA

You can get subscription info/forms at Ron's web site,, by emailing, or by
calling him in Canada at 1-519-374-9332.

Rates and a subscription form follow.

To subscribe, you may return the following info by mail with
check or money order payable to "Ron Struthers" or "Resource
Stocks Advisory."

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3 Future Tech Report 1
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4 Future Tech Report 2
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5 Both Newsletters 1
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6 Both Newsletters 2
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